The Daily Yomiuri "Report: Saudi women's London entry no done deal"2012/05/04 12:52

インターンの湯村です。4月7日のThe Daily Yomiuri19面の"Report: Saudi women's London entry no done deal"という記事に、HRWの中東調査員であるChristoph Wilckeのコメントが引用されました


  In a statement Thursday, Human Rights Watch said Nawaf's comments underline Saudi Arabia's shaky commitment to granting women rights to participate in sports.
  "If the International Olympic Committee was looking for an official affirmation of Saudi discrimination against women in sports, the minister in charge just gave it," said Christoph Wilcke, a senior Middle East researcher for the New York-based group. "It is impossible to square Saudi discrimination against women with the noble values of the Olympic Charter."

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